Art Groupie – Tap Gallery, Sydney 23-28 September 2008

An exhibition of artworks by 29 Musicians, Producers and DJ who also make visual art, presented by Groovescooter Records and da dAdA imprint, as part of the ANODE festival.

Amanda Cole who creates work from everyday objects and recycled material produced an amazing series of intricate drawings on envelopes for this exhibition. When describing her work, Cole an Art Music Composer clearly describe a strong link and the similarity between making Visual Art and Music.”…when composing, my patterns are fitted to an underlying grid, which is pulse….When drawing on the inside of envelopes, there is also a set grid which is the printed security pattern. I enjoy discovering new security patterns that I can use to superimpose my own patterns on.”

Partch’s Bastards – Paddington Uniting Church Venue, Sydney 3 May 2003

A concert exploring the work and legacy of idiosyncratic American composer Harry Partch (1901-74), with a day long exhibition of musical sculptures and new instruments and a night-time concert.

‘ glasses in Amanda Cole’s Cirrus (2003), rung with fingers, tapped and bowed until they vibrated and whistled, evoking fragile violins and theremins’.

…Cole’s Cirrus was fascinating as it alternated between clouds of harmonics and more rhythmic episodes.’

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