9 Responses to Contact

  1. Leendert Hemeryck says:

    Dear Mrs. Cole,

    I am a percussionist from belgium and I found the CD “Technicolor” withyou’re piece “vibraphone theories”.
    I like this piece very much and I was wondering if it is published?
    Can I buy it online somewhere or is there any other way to requiere it?

    Kind Regards,
    Leendert Hemeryck

  2. Dear Mrs. Cole
    I’m a percussionist from Brazil ( and I found your music Intermetallic in youtube. How do I do to get this piece? I really interested to do the first Brazilian audition!

    my best wishes

    Fernando Chaib

  3. Dannielle Mallonee says:

    I would love to buy your music ,,, where can I find your CD’s ?

    • Amanda Cole says:

      Hi, I don’t currently have a CD of my music for sale at the moment (I will begin work on my first CD later this year). Was there a particular piece you were interested in? Percussionist Nuno Aroso did a fantastic recording of my piece “Vibraphone Theories” which is on his Technicolor CD. You may be able to purchase this CD from him.

  4. Good morning Amanda…
    We’re interested in having you perform for 2 upcoming events.
    Houston Texas..Feb 2nd, 2017
    Super Bowl Related…..

    Galveston Texas..Memorial Day weekend.
    Jazz Festival……

  5. Thanks Amanda…Do you still sing, professionally ?

  6. Not a problem…Do you get back to The States often ?
    And if so….We would be interested in featuring you, for a few Jazz Festivals.
    “Please tell me that you’re still singing” ?
    I’M the president of The Red Cat Jazz Preservation Society, and we’re really interested in you.

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