Bristol Bienalle

A Galaxy of Suns by Micheala Gleave, Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong

Where: Staple Hill Cycle/Walkway Tunnel

When: September 4 at 8pm and Septamber 8 at 9pm

What: Have you heard the stars sing?
Experience a large-scale choral performance alongside the UK launch of a smartphone app, which plays the sounds of the stars as they rise and set over 360˚ of the horizon – tailored for the exact location of the listener. A Galaxy of Suns will sing the skies above Bristol, bringing the stars into the streets, homes and pockets of people across the city.



Senex et Sonis – Vivid music

Where: Seymour Centre, Sound Lounge, Sydney

When: 9pm, May 29, 2015

What: Concert of contemporary recorder music performed by The Recorder Project (Jo Arnott and Alana Blackburn). My piece ‘Lumina’ for recorder duo and coloured light will be premiered.

exhAust ensemble: Sine & Syrinx

Where: First Presbyterian, Brooklyn

When: 7:30pm, April 19, 2013

What: Vibraphone Theories (2007) for vibraphone and sine tone interference beats.

Synergy Percussion: Aurora Festival

Where: Casula Powerhouse

When: Saturday 5/5/12   7.30pm

I have a new percussion quartet being performed.

Chronology Arts: Tactility

Where: Hardware Gallery, 263 Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney.

When: Saturday 1/10/11   7.00pm – 10pm

I have a piece for flute, viola, cello and electronic music in this concert.

Following the success of chronology arts live sound installation, Sonic Canvas (Fringe 2010), composers, musicians and visual artists will again join forces for Tactility, a arts and sound live exhibition at Hardware Gallery.

Featuring works of composers Alex Pozniak, Andrew Batt-Rawden, Amanda Cole, Julian Day, Russell Phillips and Ben Carey with installations by Therese Harrison, Emily Sandrussi, Scott Morrison and Jo Kulchar.

Ensemble Offspring: Partch’s Bastards

Where: Sydney Opera House, Utzon Room.

When: 2/9/11

Clarinis made by Lindsey Pollak. Photo by Terumi Narushima.

Kroumata: ISCM Festival

Where: Artisten, Gothenburg, Sweden.

When: 3/10/09 

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